Canon E18 Error

Canon E18 Error

- What is a Canon E18 Error?
- How to repair a Canon E18 error
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- Class action suit against Canon
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- Amazing story about Canon E18
- Links to Canon E18 resources

Bosch E18 Error
- How to repair a Bosch E18 error code

DSTV E18 Error
- How to repair a DSTV E18 error code
- How to repair a DSTV 8118 error code
- Full list of DSTV error codes
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Links to Canon E18 resources

You can find Canon lens error (E18 error) repair instructions here.

For more information about the E18 error (lens error) check out our home page.


- Disassembling a Canon A410 digital camera.pdf - This is a guide we received from one of our faithful visitors. It contains detailed instructions on dismantling Canon A410.

- - An excellent visual guide to Canon PowerShot S500 E18 repair

- - A web site with instructions for dismantling Canon Powershot A70 and repairing the E18 error (NOTE: the web site is in Bulgarian, but it has A LOT of detailed pictures, so you can try and fix the error just by looking at the pictures). If some of the pictures fail to load, right-click on them and select "Show picture".

- - How to dismantle Canon Ixus cameras

- - How to dismantle Canon SD300 camera to repair the E18 error

- - Disassembling Canon Powershot A650

- - This is a guide to replacing the LCD on Canon SD400, however the instructions should help you with some of the dismantling steps

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