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Other people's experiences with the E18 error

These are experiences that other people had with the E18 error, published here from other web sites (with the permission of the posters). If you would like to read more E18 related experiences, check out our E18 Posting Area where you can also post your own experience.

Ching's experience (31-Jan-2005):

"We got the A60 a year ago, after about a week the E18 appeared, the lens won't retract, I tried removing the camera etc.. to no avail, then I read somewhere that somebody tried gently tapping the camera on the palm of his hands and I tried it and it worked, the lens retracted and have been using it since, I guess some sand was caught in the side of the lens that cause it to stuck, when we tried tapping it - the sand might got loosen and the lens eventually retracted.

I now have SD300 and there was no problem of an E18 so far (2 months now)"

Brian's experience (18-Feb-2005)

"hi - i too just registered to post here about getting the S400 error. same story - i've had this camera since November 2003, loved it, and its worked great for me. But now i'm out $400 for a camera that lasted 15 months. i've done extensive google searches on this and this problem is all over the internet. i see the repair technique from the German site and will probably try that, but i'm really disturbed by Canon's support of this. i will likely never buy a Canon product again.

i once was a happy user and always recommended this camera and Canon. Now, i'll tell them about "E18" and recommend they avoid Canon."

Skatey's experience (14-Feb-2005):

"Another dissapointed user with a Canon here.. I have Ixus II from Europe.. i must say that i am a student and bought my camera 'cause i wanted it for documenting fun stuff and everything and hoping it last long.. It lasted me 14 months now today i got the E18 error. At first i only noticed that it didn't want to focus fine, so i turned it on and off a few times, than it just died once, now the lens is fully extended, it doesn't even make a vroom sound or anything, just beeps and shows the error.

Must say that i used the camera in all sorts of conditions, even filmed movies at the sea and stuff like that, partys and everything.. the wierdest thing is that i haven't used it for about a month or more, cause i had to study and now i took it out again and it just died, wierd...

it will be a big expense for another camera, sadly :=("

MacGuyver's experience (12-Feb-2005):

"Our Canon S400 was purchased around June 2003 (along with a padded carrying case and extra battery). Yesterday, after taking a round of indoor shots and short videos, we turned it back on and the lens stopped partway through extending, paused, retracted fully and the screen went black with an "E18" in the lower left corner. Shortly after this, the camera powered itself off completely.

The S400 can only be powered on in Play/View mode now. The exact same behavior described above is repeated each time I have tried powering it on in Camera mode. Battery and memory card swapping have no effect (as expected, but I wanted to rule everything out). I tried the "bump" method while the lens is extracting, also to no avail. The only thing I have not tried is pulling the battery for 24 hours, but I would prefer to retain the current settings.

The last used environment was in average temp./humidity conditions. The camera only has minor paint wear on the edges (from setting down on tables; metal rings on fingers; etc.) There are no dents or impacts and it has been kept in its padded carrying case during most of its inactive periods.

I too have been an avid Canon fan and user for years. My old AE1-Program served me well. Until yesterday, this S400 has been a great portable digicam and my only serious complaints about it were the last-minute-battery-warning (ie. lack of continuous battery level indication) and slow activation (lens extension during power on). I would also like to have had more than 3x optical zoom, but this was a feature lacking in most digicams of this size and type until recently.

I have noticed quite an assortment of folks talking about this E18 issue on the web. Forums at CNET have been locked by moderators without comment (although this may be due to the fact that they are supposed to be "review" forums). I found an interesting take-apart solution to the E18 problem for the IXUS line at this German site (English version linked):

I have emailed Canon to see what they can offer, but from what I have heard about Canon's prices for repair (including the $150 for diagnosis) I may have to resort to using this IXUS page as a guide to attempting resuscitation of this S400 paperweight.

Perhaps there is a disgruntled person posting all over the internet, but from the variety of sources discussing the issue, I would say it *IS* a problem for at least some Canon retracting-lens owners. I cannot say if it is a "worldwide epidemic," however. I would like to point out that this body and lens design style is very similar across a wide array of Canon retracting-lens models. Just look at the IXUS take-apart. There appears to be very little difference structurally from my S400.

Sorry if this was long-winded. Confirm one E18 owner."

The original post is here.

From WigglyBoy:

"have a Sd200 and have been getting the e18 error. I have never droped it. The lens would comeout half way and stay. then i would get the e18 error. Now it wount do anything, i can hear the motor but nothing happens just that the error comes up."

Update from WigglyBoy: "i did send my camera in and had it fixed through the warranty, the whole lense unit was replaced."

If you want to read more experiences or if you have a horror story of your own regarding the E18 error, feel free to post it here

When posting your story, please post the following info as well:

1) Camera model (eg. A510)
2) When you bought your camera (eg. May 2004)
3) When did the error occur (eg. 6 months after buying)

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