Canon E18 Error

Canon E18 Error

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How to repair a DSTV E18 error code

You are here because you received an E18 error code on your DSTV decoder. E18 error on a DSTV decoder means "unknown smartcard".

This could happen due to a couple of reasons:
1) incorrect smart card was inserted or the smartcard was inserted incorrectly
2) dust/dirt accumulation around the smartcard
3) technical problem with DSTV

The first two reasons are easy to fix. What you should do is remove the smartcard, clean it, make sure that it is dust free, and re-insert it with the chip facing downwards and the arrow facing the decoder, then reboot the decoder.

If you are still receiving the E18 error, then it's a technical problem with DSTV. You should contact DSTV support so they can initiate a reset of your account. After DSTV conducts a reset, the E18 error should be cleared and your viewing should be restored. This has been confirmed by DSTV

We do not recommend reporting your problem and leaving your smart card number through the above mentioned FB page. You should contact DSTV through their web site, or their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

In case you are experiencing any other error codes, we also provide a full list of DSTV error codes.

If you found these DSTV repair instructions useful, please let us know. If you have suggestions on how we can improve the web site, feel free to contact us.

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