Canon E18 Error

Canon E18 Error

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DSTV E18 Error
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How to repair a DSTV 8118 error code

If you received an 8118 error code on your DSTV decoder, note that the 8118 problem with a DSTV decoder is usually a hardware issue. Here are 3 ways you can try and resolve this:

  1. Flash erase 8118

    Simultaneously press the “Reset” and "Standby" buttons on the front panel of the decoder. When you see the letters “dL” on the display panel, simultaneously PRESS AND HOLD the TV/Audio button and the “P+” button. Keep holding until the word “done” appears on the display panel. The decoder will be reset. If you are still experiencing the 8118 problem, you can try the manual upgrade.

  2. Manual upgrade

    Simultaneously press the “Reset” and "Standby" buttons. As soon as the letters “dL” are displayed on the display panel, quickly press this button sequence: Standby, P+, P-, P+, Stanby.(Please note that you have to do this very quickly). If these repair methods do not work, and you are still getting an 8118 error, you can try the next method, but note that you are doing it at your own risk.

  3. Capacitator replacement

    It is possible that one of the capacitators is faulty and needs to be replaced. Note that by opening the decoder and replacing the capacitator, your warranty is void. In case your decoder is out of warranty and you would like to try and fix it yourself, here are some video instructions on how to replace the faulty capacitator.

    In case the decoder is still under warranty, you should contact DSTV and have the decoder replaced.

    According to the information we received from DSTV, when performing the swop out, whoever assists you must make sure that they correctly "break" the XtraView link between the two current decoders so that you can easily link the new one.

In case you are experiencing any other error codes, we also provide a full list of DSTV error codes.

If you found these DSTV repair instructions useful, please let us know. If you have suggestions on how we can improve the web site, feel free to contact us.

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