Canon E18 Error

Canon E18 Error

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Canon's official explanation of the E18 error

This is the official explanation of the E18 error found on Canon's web site:

Error Code "E18" (Lens unit/Lens cover error)

When a camera error occurs, an error code like "Exx" will be displayed, where the x's represent numbers.

The "E18" error code indicates an error that involves the lens unit or lens cover. Or it may appear if you apply pressure to the area surrounding the lens while handling the camera.


Check the following when you operate the camera to avoid applying pressure to the lens and surrounding area:

- Hold the camera so that your fingers do not touch the lens unit when you are shooting.
- Make sure the camera is off before you put it back in the case.

If you cannot clear the error code by turning the camera off and then on again, or if the error code is displayed frequently, a camera malfunction may have occurred.

Please contact the retailer where you purchased the camera or the nearest Canon service center.

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